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Piano teacher Mitchell Odom

PIANO Teacher

Mitchell Odom

Mitchell Odom has been teaching piano lessons to student of all ages for 50 years.   He believes that music should be rewarding and enjoyable.

Mitchell’s encouragement, compliments and humor make your learning experience fruitful. With a positive outlook and energetic yet low key approach, his piano teaching expertise and insight are unparalleled.

Some of his students have become educators, performers and published composers. Most took piano lessons for their own personal enjoyment and growth. 

He teaches classical, pop, rock, blues, jazz, country, gospel and Broadway music.

Mitchell first performed at age ten and became a piano teacher at age sixteen. He is an experienced performer, studio musician, composer and producer. His work has been published with performances in more than 50 countries around the world. He has been a staff writer for television production companies in Hollywood and Los Angeles and played piano and keyboards on albums in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Mitchell is an alumni of Chapman University, Oklahoma City University and California State University with a M.A, B.A.


Musical lineage back to Liszt and Beethoven

Ludwig von Beethoven

It is especially important in music and art, to study with the right teacher. Mitchell has had quite a few piano teachers and values all of them.   Some attended prestigious conservatories such as Julliard and studied with famous teachers such as Nadia Boulanger and Rosina Lhevinne.


When Mitchell studied with Philip Lorenz (mentored by Claudio Arrau) his musical expertise and understanding was elevated to new heights.  He studied with professor Lorenz for many years and was completely transformed as a pianist and musician.  

Here is the lineage of great piano teachers starting from Beethoven:

  • Beethoven taught Czerny
  • Czerny taught Liszt  (the greatest pianist who ever lived)
  • Liszt taught Krause
  • Krause taught Arrau (last of the great romantic pianists)
  • Arrau taught Philip Lorenz and Ena Bronstein
  • Lorenz and Bronstein taught Mitchell Odom
  • Odom is teaching at the Metropolitan Academy of Music

Piano teachers who influenced Mitchell the most:

  • Claudio Arrau
  • Philip Lorenz
  • Ena Bronstein
  • Clare Fischer